PriME is an execution-driven x86 simulator for manycore architectures. It is capable of simulating 1000+ cores with detailed cache hierarchies, coherence protocols, and network-on-chips. PriME can simulate multi-threaded, multi-programmed, or a mix of both types of workloads. Last but not least, PriME expedites simulation by leveraging parallelism and distributing multi-programmed workloads into multiple host machines via OpenMPI.

More details about PriME can be found in our ISPASS 2014 paper.


PriME is licensed with the 3-clause BSD license as indicated in the LICENSE file. Since PriME also adopts the queue model from the MIT Graphite simulator, we also include the license file for Graphite in the home directory.

If you use PriME in your research please reference our ISPASS 2014 paper mentioned above and send us a citation of your work.